On September 24th Chain Reaction said goodbye to our Los Altos store as we consolidated our operations in Redwood City. Our final day was, as you can expect, emotional, as many of our customers came to say good-bye and made promises to visit us in Redwood City. And we promised to take care of them every bit as well in Redwood City as we have in Los Altos. Amy, our former store manager, flew in from New York and surprised a very emotional Steve (my brother and partner, who's been rooted in that location since the beginning). Employees Alistair,Ashish, Rolando, Don & CJ were there to the end, and beyond even. Becky, Karen (my wife) and I came in from our Redwood City store for the final hours to help out and perhaps add a sense of continuity. 

Why did we close the store? To use a worn-out cliche, it's complicated. The costs of doing business at that location were simply too high for the level of sales, and working against us was a parking lot so difficult to get into, so packed, that many gave up before discovering empty spaces at our end of the center. Rent elsewhere was high enough we just couldn't pencil out a workable business model for the level of service we provide. We announced the closing on August 26th via email (you can see a copy of Steve's letter to our customers here), and shortly thereafter on our website. Los Altos was home to many great customers and employees over those years! We hope to see both in our Redwood City store, which will be busting at the seams with bikes and accessories brought up from Los Altos. To say we are well-stocked will be an understatement. :-) Thank you, Mike Jacoubowsky (Steve's brother and partner at Chain Reaction Bicycles).