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6/7/07-OK, this page exists mainly for historical value at the moment. Klein has gone into hiatus domestically, being distributed in '07 only in Japan and a couple of European countries. We're hoping they come back to the US!
In the meantime, you can read about the great Kleins of yesteryear, and especially the "SPA" suspension that was not only unique but wonderfully functional as well.--Mike--

04/10/05- Klein "SPA" Technology proves itself at '05 Paris Roubaix, taking George Hincapie to a 2nd-place finish, the best-ever for an American. Read how the Discovery/TREK team borrowed Klein technology to make it happen!


We have history with this bike that goes back long before the first one came off the production line!
  • Diary entry from test-riding the prototype (04/13/04)
  • Test report sent to Klein detailing my impressions of the new Reve
  • Klein's press release detailing the new "SPA" rear suspension road bike technology
  • George Hincapie rides to 2nd place at Paris Roubaix on a Klein-technology TREK!

Klein Reve V
2005 Klein RÍve V :: Deep Blue :: Triple
Klein Reve X
2005 Klein RÍve X :: Sliver Thunder :: Triple



Klein Reve XX
2005 RÍve XX Triple :: Sliver Thunder

These bikes are going to change any notion you had that comfort and performance couldn't go together. No gimmicks; these bikes work. Klein has scored a home run again!

Features all Klein Reves have in common-

  • SPA Suspension technology takes the bumps away with minimal impact on weight (just 4 ounces!)
  • Long-reach brakes allow use of fenders and wider tires if desired
  • Real eyelets so you can mount racks or accessories if you wish
  • Legendary Klein frame construction & finish
  • And if you buy one from Chain Reaction, you get one of the most Klein-experienced shops in the country going along for the ride! Individual fitting of each bike to each rider, exceptional assembly and great after-sale service.
My almost-daily diary entry for the day
I test-rode the prototype Reve

04/13/04- Which brings us to Tuesday
(today!) I had the rare opportunity to test-ride a new prototype road bike on the regular Tuesday/Thursday morning ride and, as Donald (one of our employees) would say, "It's all good."  I could tell you more about the bike, but I'd have to track you down via your IP address and silence you so you couldn't tell anybody else.  Actually, I'm free to talk about it after Thursday, when it's officially unveiled at the Sea Otter bike event in Monterey.
The real-life test report I forwarded to the powers-that-be at Klein

I took out a 61cm Reve on my normal Tuesday/Thursday ride yesterday and, as one of my guys likes to say, It's All Good!

The ride- 30.9 miles, 3,000 feet of climbing, varied road conditions (including a section we call "Le Petite Paris Roubaix") & some fast twisty descending. My normal bike is an '01 5900, set up largely with 9-speed DuraAce & Bontrager Race X-Lite wheels.

All this and Campy too- The Reve X

2005 Klein RÍve X :: Sliver Thunder :: Triple Comfort & class together in one great bike.

Campagnolo Veloce components set this bike aside from most others, with your choice of 30 gears.  Silly?  No. Convenient, yes!  You'll never be without the gear you want.

Very cool-looking Campagnolo Vento G3 wheels

Available now! Well, at least a 58 & 61cm, the last ones you'll ever see. A great bike no longer available.

$1999.99 Last ones on sale for just $1499.99!
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