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But nearly all of our bikes are priced below what TREK lists on their website!


CHAIN REACTION HAS NEVER HAD A SALE ON HIGH-QUALITY ROAD BIKES LIKE THIS ONE! Quantities limited, but then so is your time to ride. The sooner you jump on one of these great deals, the better! Chain Reaction Bicycles has always been a great place to buy a road bike, with our superior selection, great staff, dedication to making sure it fits perfectly and a desire to see you get the most out of your new bike, now and many years down the road. No mail order  or dealer sales; all purchases must be in-person at our stores, no exceptions. All bikes subject to prior sale; sizes listed may no longer be available. Please call for current inventory update.

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You're looking at both a work-in-progress and a new direction for how our site will present product.  The plan is to provide a bit more down-to-earth material on the different styles of bikes, as opposed to the spec-oriented presentation you find in the TREK catalog.

If you're looking for information on Trek Carbon-fiber road bikes, we've finally got a page up that should help with all the confusion about the various models.

We've also got a page that shows all of our sale-priced bikes, including 2008 & older closeouts.
"Feel No Pain" Suspension Hybrids for around-town & easy trail riding
Almost looks like a flat version of Old La Honda  
We have a great selection of "Feel No Pain" Hybrids from $399-$1000!
  If you're looking to get back into riding a bike after a couple decades away for kids, career and too many dumb shows on TV, our "Feel No Pain" Suspension Hybrids may be just for you!

With a more comfortable upright riding position, plush seat, and shock-absorbing fork & seatpost, it's no surprise people get on these bikes and say Yes, this is what I was looking for!
Great places to ride a Suspension Hybrid- To the market (just add a rack & grocery bag carrier), around the neighborhood, out on any of the baylands trails (many miles of paved & dirt bike paths with no cars!), going out with the kids and generally just having fun.  These bikes are great for rides up to 25 miles or so; beyond that, you might want something a bit lighter & faster.

High-Performance Hybrids aren't "racing bikes" but are almost as fast!

Ride fast & easy, with several models from $479-$2249.
  You've got a mountain bike, but you find you're spending most of the time (maybe all?) on the road, and you just can't keep up with anybody.  But you're not quite ready for a road bike, with the drop-down handlebars.

A high-performance Hybrid may be the ticket!  Nearly as fast and efficient as a lightweight road bike, you'll find many of them on 100k (62 mile) Centuries, and they're great for riding "The Loop!"
Great places to ride a High-Performance Hybrid- Moderate-distance commutes, doing "The Loop", organized event rides up to 100k (62 miles).  No problem riding one of these light, efficient bikes up to Skyline or even to the coast; they've become the bike of choice for those who like the idea of a road bike but don't want the dropped-style handlebars.

High-Value Aluminum Road Bikes

Entry-level road bikes from $629, ($170 less than a couple years ago).  More bike for less$$$
  If you haven't ridden a road bike lately, you don't know what you're missing!  New models with lightweight aluminum frames, shifting that's built into the brake levers and almost seems automatic, brakes far more powerful than back-in-the-day, and they actually cost less... sometimes much less than an equivalent bike did 5-10 years ago!

And on all current models from $799-up, carbon fiber forks dampen road vibration for an almost-magical ride.
Great places to ride a Road Bike- Just about anyplace there's pavement, and even some places there isn't!  The classic drop-bar road bike offers a variety of positions for your hands, allowing you to stay comfortable for extended time in the saddle.  Speaking of saddles, one of the advantages to being slightly more bent over than on a hybrid or mtn bike is that you put less weight on your tail end, making you less saddle-sore!

So anyplace with decent pavement is your home turf, meaning that most of us can leave right from our homes and, within minutes, be riding on favored roads in the area.

WSD (Women's) Road Bikes

Chain Reaction Bicycles features a full line of WSD bikes for women, in all price ranges!
  Women like to ride, and women make up about half the world's population.  So why did it take so long for bike companies to get their act together and make bikes that fit women more comfortably?

We don't know either!  But we've always recognized the differences in fit between men & women, and go out of our way to carry bike models & apparel that are made specifically for women.
Great places to ride a Women's Road Bike-  Anyplace any other cyclist rides a road bike!  You'll find just as many women as men on many of the organized rides, and women even have some physiological advantages when it comes to endurance.

Ultimate-Performance Carbon OCLV Road Bikes

Carbon Fiber bikes now cost less at Chain Reaction, with the new $1799 TREK Madone 3.1 (not shown in picture)
  Whether you like the idea of a bike that will let you ride 100 miles and not pound you into the ground (even when you're not in shape!), or simply want every advantage you can get when climbing Sonora Pass, the TREK Carbon-Fiber bikes are the way to go!

From $1799 for the 3.1 up to $10k+ the latest 6-series superbike with electronic shifting, TREK offers value & performance found nowhere else.
Great places to ride an OCLV Carbon TREK- Wherever your dreams might take you, only further, and a bit faster and more comfortably.  Whether you're out riding The Loop or trying to turn the pedals up a 26% grade on Sonora Pass, your OCLV won't let you down. 

Front-Suspension Mountain Bikes

Chain Reaction offers a full line of front suspension mtn bikes, from the TREK 3500 at $359 to the latest 29ers, including the popular X-Caliber at just 1399.99.
  If you're planning to ride off-road or on really nasty pavement, Mtn Bikes are a great way to go!

Back in the late 70s, a new type of bike was born in Marin County... the Mtn Bike.  Big knobby tires for lots of traction, powerful brakes, low gears for getting up steep hills and suspension forks to keep your wheels on the ground.

If you're staying out of the dirt, you might check out our hybrid bikes.
Great places to ride a

WSD (Women's) Mtn Bikes

For 2011, TREK has enhanced their Women's offerings, starting with the SKY at just $349.99!
  Women are built different than men, and this affects mountain bikes even more than it does road bikes!  Why?

Women typically have a bit longer legs & shorter torso than guys, and feel more comfortable a bit more upright.  The TREK WSDs shorter top tube & lighter-sprung front fork not only adds comfort but greatly improves handling too!
Great places to ride a

Dual-Suspension Mountain Bikes

From under $999 to over $6000, Chain Reaction has the right dual-suspension mtn bike for you!
  So you really want to have fun off-road?  A dual-suspension mtn bike is the answer!  It will take you through stuff you didn't think it was possible to get through, and new models not only descent well but climb great too!
Great places to ride a


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