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What you need to know!

TEST-RIDES- Please arrive at least an hour before closing if you're going to be test-riding a bike. If multiple test-rides might be required, allow at least 90 minutes. We need to set them up properly, the course we provide takes time to ride, and it takes time getting everything into the computer.

MASKS- We're not out of this yet. Makeshift masks, including bandanas & gaitors, are not allowed in our store. And whenever San Mateo County says masks are no longer a "legal" requirement for indoor retail (don't hold your breath) we still may require them at Chain Reaction. We will take whatever precautionary measures we feel appropriate to protect the health of our staff & customers. The Delta variant really put us back. Vaccinated or not, Delta is a dangerous threat to our health.

We've moved! Visit our new location at 1680 El Camino Real, corner of Roosevelt, just two blocks south of our old home! We've got parking, a more-open & spacious layout, no stairs and the same friendly staff you've come to know over the years. And as you can see, we've got bikes! A good selection of Electra Lofts & Cruisers, a fantastic selection of Trek e-bikes, hybrids and getting more higher-end mountain bikes every week. Road bikes are coming in too but many are sold becore they hit the floor. Please plan on ordering ahead to get what you want. Kids bikes for 3-8 year olds are in very good shape. We've even got the entry-level Marlin mountain bikes again!  A $100 completely-refundable deposit reserves the next unsold bike for you!

Repairs (updated 12/3)- We're still overloaded and not taking many repairs*. Why? Many repair parts have become unavailable, 100s of bikes ordered for customer 6-12 months ago are finally showing up, and another shop went out of business. *Exceptions- flat tires and bikes with CRCARE (included with all bikes sold by us). Other than CRCARE, we won't be scheduling appointments until things settle. We recognize the severe inconvenience this places upon many of our customers. Covid-19 has bit us in the butt, hard.

If you need a major repair quickly, we note that Velofix, a mobile repair service, still has very short lead times (roughly two weeks, minimum $100). For road bikes $1500+, VelOro in Redwood City can take care of you pretty quickly too. He does not work on anything other than road bikes though, and only modern, more-expensive bikes.

How and when to reach us- The priority will be to those who are already at or inside our store. If you can't get through, try calling back 30 minutes later or send an email to and we'll do our best to get back to you later that day. Our busiest times are the first hour we're open, especially Mondays & Tuesdays. 3-4:30pm each day is another peak time on weekdays, and 2-4pm Saturdays.

Thank you from our staff, Kevin & Lexi & Becky & Christopher & Don & Adrez & Sonia & Rolando & Roger & Jose & Mike & Steve & Karen.