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Bike Friday Pocket Companion (original) - 2015

Bike Friday Pocket Companion (original)
This item is currently not available.


The original version of the Pocket Companion, available in three sizes (the Pocket Companion "OSATA" version comes in one size and is adjustable, instead of small, medium & large like this bike). This bike folds easily to jump on the bus or grab a quick ride in a car. Traveling is no big deal because it packs into a TravelCase to go with you anywhere in the world.

And, amazingly, these bikes are made here in the USA. Eugene Oregon!

Bike Fridays fold for easy transport and travel and ride like a dream too!Bike Fridays quickly fold in seconds for the bus, train, trunk or elevator - and you can fold your Bike Friday faster and faster with practice.

Commuters rejoice! Many office buildings won't allow bicycles inside. Folded in its bag (sold separately), a Bike Friday will often soften even the most hardened of security folk.

Bike Fridays packed in their standard airline suitcase (sold separately) travel for the same fee as any checked bag. Most Fridays plus their suitcase weigh under 50 pounds (the limit before airlines add penalty fees). On some Bike Friday models you may need to carry a few accessories in your other bag. As an added precaution, don’t be eager to volunteer at check-in that there’s a bike in the suitcase. That's when some airlines try to charge you ‘just because it's a rule to charge for bicycles.'

All Bike Friday models pack in a common commercially-available suitcase (sold separately) as standard luggage - even the optional travel trailer kit packs inside. Bike Friday tandems pack into 2 standard suitcases. And, Bike Friday suitcases are compatible with all common luggage-handling systems so you never have to wait for an oversize bike box to be hand delivered.

With Bike Friday's travel trailer kit (sold separately) you can turn your Bike Friday suitcase into a trailer, attach the ingenious hitch to your Bike Friday bicycle and pedal to your destination with your gear in tow.

Bike Friday's trailer kit turns your BF suitcase into a trailer to tow your gear!Cycling is one of the few activities that generates a genderless, borderless and ageless camaraderie. Those who choose to ride a special bicycle, such as a Bike Friday, attract even more attention (and invitations to dinner) when out and about and traveling. Your Bike Friday is not just a convenience - it’s a personal statement about you.

Every Bike Friday is handbuilt with local Eugene, Oregon labor. Bike Friday sources parts and accessories locally, even if it costs slightly more at times. It means they’re helping support the hard work of someone in their community.

Bike Friday is for all riders great and small. The custom fit, small wheels and low step-over height of a Bike Friday opens up a world of cycling to children and the smaller, lighter rider, women, the otherly-abled and the older rider. Tall people have no problem with a regular
bike of course, but Bike Friday has many customers who are well over 6-feet tall - because you can take a BF with you. A Bike Friday tandem is the safest, logical choice when riding with children, too.

Car-free and carefree. A Bike Friday goes one step further than a regular bike, enabling you to live virtually car-free - because you can take it with you, around the block or around the world.

An average-size Bike Friday will even fit into the trunk of an Audi TT or a tiny Mazda Miata. In fact, they’ve fitted 8 Bike Fridays into the back of a Chevy Metro and still had room for the driver and passenger. No need to put your bike on a roof rack out in the rain and worry about it being stolen off the top of your car. Nobody need know you are carrying a bike in your car at all. No more driving accidentally into your garage and trashing your bikes on top. Plus, without bikes on the car you save fuel due to less wind resistance.

BWith a Bike Friday it's easy to take the bus, subway or train!ike Friday travel bikes quick-fold into a Bike Friday bag (sold separately), which means your bike never leaves your side. Even the high-speed trains of Europe, which do not allow bikes, will welcome you because all you have is a bag. (Bike? What bike?) A Bike Friday travel bike can be carried onto any Amtrak train, giving you access to wonderful places like Glacier Park and other great riding locations where Amtrak will not take standard bikes.

And, last but not least, Bike Fridays are a blast to ride.


Frame Bike Friday chromoly folding
Fork Bike Friday chromoly
Rims/Wheels 20 x 1.75
Tires Kenda 20 x 1.75
Crankset Alloy
Chainrings 44t
Rear Derailleur Shimano Tourney
Rear Cogs 8-speed 11-28
Shifters Twist

* Subject to change without notice.