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I've been riding with Kevin for 15 years, another 35 before that, and somehow missed this unusual place in the hills behind Cupertino. It looks like the abandoned steel mill from the original Robocop. 5 sets of tracks! What did this look like when it was in its heyday, manufacturing cement for Shasta Dam? Finding places like this is what makes it so fun to ride a bike! You don't need a car, you don't even need a plan. You just look up into the hills and wonder, what's that? How do I get there? --MikeJ

We can put that smile on your face. That's really what we sell. Smiles. Whether it's an ebike to extend your range, a trainer to help stay in shape when it's raining, a mountain bike to get completely away from cars or bikes for your kids so you're not driving them to school. We've got it. And more. 

Note: We are still experiencing high peak-time demand, particularly on Mondays from 11am-1pm and nearly every day from 3:30 pm until closing. We won't be able to answer the phone until all customers in the store are taken care of, and encourage you to send inquiries to and we'll get back to you later that day. Repairs will remain an issue for some time, due to the bikes finally arriving that customers purchased from us 6-12 months ago, as well as the difficulties finding enough staff.

MASKS- Not required but we encourage you to feel comfortable and wear one if you'd like! Covid made a run at us in June; our entire shop was shut down by an outbreak that affected almost our entire sales staff in 36 hours. It is far more common than numbers indicate right now, and the numbers aren't looking good. Thankfully the current variant doesn't seem too bad. (Note that 9/20 one of our staff tested positive again, and is experiencing moderate symptoms).

Repairs- Flat tires, chains and disc brake pad replacement is about as much as we can handle right now. It could be months before we're able to schedule tune-ups on most bikes. We thought that would have changed by now but finding staff has been a challenge. We are scheduling appointments for bikes with CRCare, which includes most bikes sold by Chain Reaction. We're doing what we can to keep people on the road!

Just a few of the bikes we sell. One of them is just right for you!

Trek Domane SLR 6 eTap Gen 4
Domane SLR 6 is an ultralight carbon endurance road bike with cherry-picked...
Trek Domane SLR 9
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Trek Domane SLR 7 eTap Gen 4
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Trek Domane AL 4 Disc
Domane AL 4 Disc combines the smooth, comfortable qualities of an advanced ...
Trek Domane SLR 6 Gen 4
Domane SLR 6 is an ultralight carbon endurance road bike with cherry-picked...
Trek Checkpoint SL 5
Checkpoint SL 5 is a carbon gravel bike made for epic all-road adventures. ...
Trek Checkpoint SLR 7
Checkpoint SLR 7 is a carbon gravel bike that's built for crushing the worl...
Trek FX Sport 6
FX Sport 6 is the lightest and fastest fitness bike in the lineup. It has e...
Electra Sprocket 1 - 16-inch
Just add sunshine and watch them grow. Electra's Sprocket 16" bikes are per...
Trek Domane SL 6 Gen 4
Domane SL 6 is an endurance road bike that's light, aerodynamic, and built ...
Trek Emonda SLR 7
Emonda SLR 7 Disc is an ultralight, aerodynamic carbon road bike that's des...
Trek Domane SL 5 Gen 4
Domane SL 5 is ready to take on rough roads and long miles with a ride that...