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Yes, we found a "good" price for gas! The Chevron station just down the road from our shop. Regular was "just" $5.99. You can keep spending $100 per fill-up, but with an e-bike, you won't have to fill up as often. And for just pennies you can use your ebike searching for cheaper gas! That's the new Electra Vale Karen's riding, by the way. We've got wonderful eBikes starting at just $1799. They haven't gone up like gas prices :-)

WE HAVE BIKES!!! Kids bikes! Mountain Bikes! Hybrid Bikes! EBikes! Road Bikes! Cruisers! Even Electra Townies!
It's been a really long bike drought. Stanford students were paying high prices for anything with wheels (not at Chain Reaction; we never sold a bike higher than the manufacturer's web price). Parents couldn't buy bikes for their kids last Christmas. And hybrids/around-town type bikes simply didn't exist. But the bikes we order over a year ago are finally arriving!

MASKS- No longer required! We've studied the San Mateo County Covid "dashboard" and the current situation is pretty darned good. New infection rate is negligible and the R-eff (the number of people someone with Covid will infect) is at .54, meaning each of those new cases has only a 54% chance of creating a new infection. Covid is dying out! Keep an eye on that R-eff number; if it goes back up, mask requirements may return. (4/16/22- Since this was first posted, R-eff has risen a bit, as expected as mask use has decreased. As long as it's near or below 1, we feel reasonably safe with our new measures).

We'd still like you to feel comfortable wearing a mask, if you choose, when visiting our store. Our entire staff gives a HUGE THANK YOU to our customers who have helped us get through COVID without a single case on our staff. YOU made a difference!

Test Rides- Masks- Repairs! Repairs (updated 12/03)- How and when to reach us- All the answers here!

Our secret weapon! Karen & Becky keeping you updated and working with Trek to get your new bike as fast as possible!(Updated 12/01/20) GETTING YOUR NEW BIKE- OUR SECRET WEAPON! Most everyone knows bikes are in short supply by now; KCBS came by to do a news story featuring us. We have 1000 bikes on backorder right now. Just our single shop. 1000 bikes scheduled to arrive between now and 2024. We work with Trek daily, studying availability dates and creating a list that shows which bikes are coming in, and when. If anything's changed, Becky and Karen send emails with the updated status, often more than 50 in one session. Sometimes they get to make people really happy and tell them their new bike is coming in sooner than expected! And sometimes they have to deliver the bad news that delays at the port in Long Beach have added a week or two to the delivery time.
One thing is absolute. Once you place an order with Chain Reaction, nobody gets to cut in line in front of you, and, if someone changes to a different model, everyone else in line for that bike moves up one place. This means you never have to worry that a bike might come in that you want but somebody else snags it. You place an order, once, and we do the hard part.

Just a few of the bikes we sell. One of them is just right for you!

Trek Emonda SL 6 Pro
Emonda SL 6 Disc Pro is the first carbon road bike in the lineup that gives...
Trek Dual Sport 3
Dual Sport 3 is a high-performance hybrid bike with upgraded components tha...
Trek Emonda SLR 9
Émonda SLR 9 Disc is an ultralight, aerodynamic carbon road bike that's des...
Trek Domane AL 2 Disc
Domane AL 2 Disc is an awesome pick for your first road bike. The lightweig...
Trek FX 2 Stagger Disc
FX 2 Disc Stagger is a stylish and versatile hybrid bike with a classic ste...
Trek Emonda SLR 9 eTap
Emonda SLR 9 Disc eTap is an ultralight, aerodynamic carbon road bike that'...
Trek Marlin 6
Marlin 6 is a cross country mountain bike built to give you an efficient of...
Trek Domane SL 5
Domane SL 5 is all about smooth riding, speed, and versatility. The lightwe...
Trek Checkpoint SL 5
Checkpoint SL 5 is a carbon gravel bike made for epic all-road adventures. ...
Trek Emonda SL 5
Emonda SL 5 Disc is a lightweight carbon road bike with a balanced ride qua...
Trek Fuel EX 8 XT
Fuel EX 8 is the ideal trail bike for riders who want a versatile full susp...
Trek Dual Sport 1
Dual Sport 1 is a hybrid bike in the true sense of the term: it excels on a...