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A beautiful winter day in LaHonda. December 22, 2018.

What's New?

Is it New Bike Time? Always!
It's pretty obvious this is when people are out on the roads & trails having fun on their new bikes. This is a great time for a new bike because even the worst "winter" you'll see in the Bay Area offers plenty of nice days for riding, and who wants to waste a nice day? Chain Reaction features the very best bikes from Trek & Electra, as well as the highest-quality travel bikes from Bike Friday. Road, Mountain, Hybrid, Electric assist, Kids... we've got them all. Probably the best selection in a single location you'll find anywhere on the peninsula too.
Got a bike that needs repairs?
We can handle that! If you purchased your bike from us, remember that you can bring it in anytime, without calling ahead, for minor on-the-spot adjustments of brakes, gears and wheels (at no charge; this is included with any bike purchased from us). For flat tires, again, no appointment needed. Where possible we try and do flat tires while you wait, but there will be times that's not possible. At most you will be leaving your bike overnight. For normal (bigger) repairs, calling ahead to schedule an appointment might make sense because the repair backlog at better shops sometimes goes from overnight to 5 days in the blink of an eye!
It's E-Bike time at Chain Reaction! E-Bikes are the latest thing; find out why! Commute to the office without needing a shower, bring home the groceries (even if you live on top of a hill!) or keep up with your obsessive-cyclist partner. Prices start at just $1299 (Oyama folding E-bike) up to the incredible Trek Super Commuter 8 at $5199.

Disc Brakes for Road Bikes- Making the right choice

Disc brakes are the latest thing for road bikes. But are they the right choice for you? We discuss the trade-offs including benefits, cost, added weight and maintenance requirements.

Just a few of the bikes we sell. One of them is just right for you!

Trek FX 2
$499.99 $539.99 7% Savings
Fitness, simplified FX offers a best-of-both-worlds combination of road ...
Trek 520 Disc
$1,199.99 $1,359.99 12% Savings
The ultimate steel touring bike 520 is the classic steel touring bike, p...
Trek Precaliber 24 21-speed Girl's
$379.99 $399.99 5% Savings
Key features - Mountain bike styling is perfect for young adventurers -...
Trek XM700+ E-Bike
$3,299.99 $3,599.99 8% Savings
This bike is fast! XM700+ is the commuting tool for bicycle commuters who a...
Trek Marlin 5
$499.99 $539.99 7% Savings
Marlin 5 is a trail-worthy daily rider that's perfectly suited for everyday...
Electra Cruiser 1
$279.99 $299.99 7% Savings
Modern cruiser with over twenty years of refinement built in to improve the...
Trek Dual Sport 3 Women's
$749.99 $799.99 6% Savings
Dual Sport 3 Women's is a high-performance hybrid bike with upgraded compon...
Bike Friday Pocket Companion Osata (Folding version)
$749.99 - $799.99 $944.00 - $999.00 Up To 20% Savings
Across town or across the continent, Bike Friday's Pocket Companion OSATA (...
Trek Procaliber 9.7 SL
$2,199.99 $3,599.99 39% Savings
World Cup-efficient and made to fly, Trek's Procaliber is a race-ready ride...
Trek Precaliber 16 Boy's
$229.99 $239.99 4% Savings
Key features - Better than big box bikes, and your kid deserves it - Fr...
Trek Wahoo 24
$439.99 $459.99 4% Savings
Wahoo 24 is a lightweight, simple, and practical kids' hybrid bike that mak...
Trek Dual Sport 4
$1,099.99 $1,159.99 5% Savings
Dual Sport 4 is the highest-performance hybrid bike in the lineup. Of all D...