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Black Friday & Beyond Bike Sale! Click here for details!

Starting Black Friday (Nov 24th) we've got crazy deals on a whole lot of Trek & Electra bikes! With few exceptions, these prices are limited to stock on hand. All include our CRCare package, offering lifetime minor adjustments and reduced service pricing & preferred scheduling, at no extra cost. This will be our 43rd Black Friday sale under the same ownership and management- you and your bike are considered family here!

We are still experiencing high peak-time demand, particularly on Mondays from 11am-1pm and other days from 3:30 pm until closing. The phone might go unanswered until all customers in the store are taken care of; we encourage you to send inquiries to and we'll get back to you later that day. Our ability to handle repairs varies tremendously from week to week; presently (October) we're able to schedule most repairs again, with just a few days in-house.  Note that this could change quickly and we're still limited by the difficulty finding staff (bicycle shops in this area have literally closed their doors for this reason).
Masks- Not required but we encourage you to feel comfortable and wear one if you'd like! Everyone who's traveled recently seems to have a Covid story to tell.

Can you build or finish the assembly of my ebike? Currently Chain Reaction is certified for Bosch, Shimano, TQ, Fazua, BEPS and Hyena. These are popular with the better brands found in many bike shops, but on-line bikes are usually using other, less-well-supported drive systems. Assembly should be done only by a shop certified for the drive system your bike uses. We encourage you to contact whomever you purchased your on-line ebike from to find out if they have authorized service available where you live, before buying the bike. Do not accept the line "We use standard components any shop can work with." It's usually a cover for not providing adequate support for local dealer service.