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Our secret weapon! Karen & Becky keeping you updated and working with Trek to get your new bike as fast as possible!(Updated 10/05/20) GETTING YOUR NEW BIKE- OUR SECRET WEAPON! Most everyone knows bikes are in short supply by now; KCBS even came by to do a news story featuring us and the bike shortage.  We have 1300 bikes on backorder right now. Just our single shop. 1300 bikes scheduled to arrive between now and June. We work with Trek daily, studying availability dates and creating a list that shows which bikes are coming in, and when. If anything's changed, Becky and Karen send emails with the updated status, often more than 50 in one session. Sometimes they get to make people really happy and tell them their new bike is coming in sooner than expected! And sometimes they have to deliver the bad news that delays at the port in Long Beach have added a week or two to the delivery time.
One thing is absolute. Once you place an order with Chain Reaction, nobody gets to cut in line in front of you, and, if someone changes to a different model, everyone else in line for that bike moves up one place. This means you never have to worry that a bike might come in that you want but somebody else snags it. You place an order, once, and we do the hard part.
(Revisited 10/05/20) PLEASE READ BEFORE CALLING OR COMING IN- We suggest not calling or visiting the store during the first hour we're open. We cannot handle all of the phone calls coming in. We are also hitting another peak time between 3-5pm during which you might not get through. There is some easing up we've seen lately though; it's not quite as crazy now (October) as it has been the prior three months. For the time being we suggest sending emails for bike availability questions (to if you cannot get through; we will try to respond later that day. Thank you, and please know that we are doing everything we can to come out the other side of this in one piece and look forward to things returning to normal again. 


Just a few of the bikes we sell. One of them is just right for you!

Trek Domane+
$5,999.99 $6,999.99 14% Savings
Domane+ is a drop-bar electric road bike that makes longer, faster road rid...
Trek Lift+
$1,699.99 - $2,299.99 $2,299.99 - $2,799.99 Up To 39% Savings
Lift+ is a lightweight, electric-assist recreation bike that pairs an ultra...
Trek Emonda SLR 8 Disc Project One
$7,299.99 $7,799.99 6% Savings
Émonda SLR 8 Disc is the hero of the road bike disc revolution. Our lightes...
Trek Dual Sport+
$2,199.99 - $2,899.99 $2,899.99 Up To 24% Savings
DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous ...