Your Best Rides of the Year Might Be Indoors

There may be days ahead when riding outside just isn't an option. Or maybe you just need to wind down after a long day at work. This is what we use to get through those days. When you buy a smart trainer in October, you can get up to 12 months free Zwift—the virtual reality training program that makes it fun to ride inside.

  • Buy a Tacx Vortex* smart trainer, get 3 months free Zwift ($45 value)
  • Buy a Wahoo Core, Wahoo Kickr, Tacx Flux or Tacx Neo Smart* smart trainer, get 12 months free Zwift ($180 value)
  • Buy a bike $2000+ and any smart trainer, get 12 months free Zwift ($180 value)
  • *or equivalent price point

With Zwift, you can ride when you want, where you want. Plus, you can race cyclists from around the world, join group rides, do targeted workouts, and more. Ready to try it? Stop in, we've got Zwift set up and reaty to ride! But for a teaser, check out this informative video-

Quick Zwift FAQ-

  • Zwift delivers an incredibly realistic cycling experience, and is used by recreational, amateur and professional cyclists around the world.
  • With any of the smart trainers above, Zwift actually changes the effort depending on whether you're going uphill, downhill, or even drafting! What you see on the screen is what you feel.
  • If you've got an iPad, you have a self-contained Zwift experience when used with one of our smart trainers.
  • Zwift can also run on its own, through any TV equipped with the latest version of Apple TV. A totally immersive experience when combined with a large flatscreen TV!
  • You can run Zwift through most any modern PC or Mac.
  • Zwift is what makes riding a bike indoors AWESOME. It's a subscription service that can be put on pause at any time, and costs just $15/month.

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