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What to expect when coming to our store

  • Masks are required. And not just any mask; they must be non-vented masks, as per county instructions. That means... no vents. What's a "vent"? It's something built into some masks that allows air to be filtered coming in, but not when you exhale. Perfect for air pollution! Terrible if the goal is to reduce stuff they're breathing into the air, towards other people. And please, if we see a nose, or a mouth, we will ask you to cover up. We are not going to risk your health, or ours, because your glasses are fogging up or you need to use your phone.

  • You will need to wait at the door for assistance. As soon as someone is available to help, we will come out and find out what you need, and make sure you're taken care of. We will try to save you time; if you're looking for something we can't help with, we'll let you know immediately. We are doing this to reduce congestion in the store for a safer Covid-19-aware environment, protecting both you and our staff.

  • Bikes are the new hand sanitizer. Or toilet paper. Or whatever is impossible to find. Demand for bikes is huge; mountain bikes & hybrids below $2000 are available for pre-order with an unsold bike hitting the floor being a rare and short-lived event. Kids bikes are just beginning to come back into stock in sizes for 3-7 year olds; bigger kids bikes could be a 1-3 month wait. We do have over 1300 bikes on backorder and know what is coming in, and when, so we can take orders ahead of time, making sure you get what you want. It just won't often be as soon as we'd like!

  • We thought we'd get quickly caught up on repairs when we moved. We were wrong.  We are backed up 4 weeks. This is unbelievable and nearly unworkable. We are doing everything we can but it's not enough. We have run out of safe places to store bikes, for now, repairs are on an appointment basis only. Bring the bike two days ahead of time, and we'll have it ready on the scheduled day. Cancellations do not move things forward; we have adopted the airline model of over booking, assuming some won't show up. When everything does show up, we're in for a very long evening.

  • Calling the store. OH. MY. GOSH. We used to average a few calls an hour. We now often get multiple overlapping phone calls for an extended period of time. There will be times when you get our recording, during our regular business hours (from opening until noon, and again from 2:30-4:30pm). Our first priority has to be to the customers in the store and lined up outside. Please call back in 15-30 minutes, or send an email to and we'll get back to you later that day.

  • Please respect our efforts to sanitize the sales process. We will be cleaning our credit card machines immediately prior to every single sale, using alcohol. It takes a bit more time, but so far, no infections among our staff. We can't afford to lose a single person, and quarantine hitting a shop employee is not something we can afford to have happen. 

Thanks for your patience! Mike & Steve & Becky & Karen & Kevin & Lexi & Roger & Jose & Rolando & Don & Tomas & Sonia & Becky (Becky twice because somehow she got left out of the original list, despite being the person responsible for compiling the list of backorders and keeping the pre-sold bikes straight)